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Violent Crimes Attorney in Kinston, North Carolina

If you are facing murder charges, you need to act quickly and consult with a competent attorney to prepare your defense. Due to the seriousness and complexity of homicide cases, experience counts when you are selecting an attorney. Trust Law Offices Of Allen C Foster, PLLC to protect your rights during these complex legal proceedings. Having defended hundreds of murder cases over the span of 30 years, I have the knowledge and experience you can count on for a strong criminal defense.

As your dedicated defense lawyer, I always work with the highest degree of professional commitment to your case. I apply my expertise to securing every available advantage in your defense. My law firm offers counsel and representation to clients facing charges of:

  • First-Degree Murder

  • Second-Degree Murder

  • Voluntary Manslaughter

  • Involuntary Manslaughter

  • Felony Assaults

Charged with a Violent Crime?

The Law Firm You Can Trustfor Homicide Defense

As a homicide defense lawyer, I am a diligent advocate for my clients who have been charged with violent crimes. I carefully review your case and charges in order to devise the most appropriate and effective courtroom strategy. Whatever the facts in your case may be, you can expect my always honest opinion and attentive, professional dedication to your defense. Improve your chances of receiving a more favorable outcome by trusting your case to me.

Contact me today to discuss homicide defense with an experienced attorney. I represent clients in Kinston and Eastern North Carolina.