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Criminal Defense Attorney in Kinston, North Carolina

Being accused of a crime can be devastating. Not only can it affect your future and your freedom, but your professional reputation and personal relationships, too. At the Law Offices of Allen C Foster, PLLC, I strive to give my clients the chance to move past their missteps and choose a better path forward. Discover how I can help you seek a brighter tomorrow—reach out to me in Kinston today. I represent individuals in the surrounding areas of Greenville, Goldsboro, Jacksonville, and throughout Eastern North Carolina.

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Allen C. Foster II

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Each of us is more than the worst thing we've done. It is this simple truth that keeps me fighting on behalf of the accused throughout Eastern North Carolina. I see my clients for more than their mistakes—I see them as human beings who deserve the opportunity to make positive life changes. When it feels as though the world is against you, I will be here to walk by your side, advocate for justice, and help you improve for the future. Schedule a free consultation with me today to discuss your case. I handle a wide range of charges, from minor traffic violations to serious felonies.


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A Former Prosecutor Fighting for You

I started my law career on the other side of the courtroom. This experience allowed me to gain valuable insight into how the opposing party operates and prepared me to advocate on behalf of the accused. Now, as a seasoned defender, I use that insight to formulate comprehensive strategies for my clients' cases. From drug charges to violent crimes to sex offenses, I aim to outsmart the prosecution in the face of a wide range of criminal violations.

A Unique Understanding of the Law

Through my education at Regent University School of Law, I developed a unique perspective that shaped who I am as an attorney. By studying the bible as the first book of the law, conducting an in-depth analysis of English common law, and finally focusing on the law as it is today, I was able to gain a deep understanding of the principles behind the laws. This distinct training sets me apart from other attorneys and gives me a leg up in criminal proceedings.

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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities for Growth

When you're facing criminal charges, you need an advocate on your side who will tell you the honest truth. However, you also need that advocate to stay optimistic in the face of adversity. I strive to deliver the best of both worlds—straightforward guidance coupled with the belief that this is an opportunity for positive growth and change.

I have decades of experience protecting the rights of individuals accused of committing violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, traffic violations, criminal theft, and DWI. From hefty fines to license revocation to jail time, the possible penalties you could face if you're dealt a conviction could significantly alter your life. When so much is at stake, turn to a seasoned defender who will work tirelessly to pursue justice on your behalf. You can trust me to walk with you through this tough time.

While other attorneys may see the worst in people, I choose to see the best. I feel that my clients are good people who have sometimes made bad decisions—decisions that do not represent who they truly are. As your legal representative, I will strive to ensure that you are seen for more than just your charges by amplifying your voice and making sure that your side of the story is heard.

Time is always of the essence in your criminal case. Schedule a free initial consultation with my firm, the Law Offices of Allen C Foster, PLLC, in Kinston to start fighting back with the help of a former prosecutor. I proudly serve the needs of the accused in the surrounding areas of Greenville, Goldsboro, and Jacksonville, as well as throughout Eastern North Carolina.